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The One Million People Paradigm Shift Challenge is a free Manifesto intended to help at least one million people create a positive change in their lives. This Manifesto is based on the notion that your own personal fulfilment is the basis for the next paradigm shift. Some of you may consider this notion common sense and others may find it farfetched. However, the challenges that humanity faces do call for a collective and coordinated effort where all our creativity will be needed. Therefore, we must make a deliberate attempt at discovering and realizing our creative value-generating potential. We are entering an era where fulfilment is not only a personal goal, but a necessary ideal for the wellbeing of humankind. Most of us can make the choice to pursue a higher purpose. A proactive effort to discover and experiment with your infinite potential is almost a moral imperative since all of our actions have an impact. Let it be positive. For more:

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In the Manifesto we suggest three basic steps to create significant change in our life by taking action through PLAY. As children, PLAY was a fundamental aspect of our learning process - Why wouldn't we continue to learn through play? Play enables experimentation that powers creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Most importantly, play is fun. Just Action is a free social game for personal development that is all about taking action through PLAY. You may start your own Journey of Discovery by just entering your email address below.

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Opinions from Participants:

"I see Just Action as a great way of putting dreams and life goals into perspective... It not only allows you to identify how you want to live your life, but also gives you a mental structure on how to achieve it."
- Alex Bausa, Spain
"Just Action has a great team of professionals. They have helped me readdress my career goals with great sensitivity and professionalism."
- Ana Lopez de Novales, Spain
"Just Action was instrumental in allowing me to realize my own paths and the results were immediatly visible. Participating in the program both allowed me to address my fears and capitalize on my strengths. I strongly recommed this program to anyone, from any background or any stage of life. I have concluded that whatever it is you want it is out there ready to be granted. It is up to you to get it. Just Action is a bridge to attain whatever it is you want."
- Daniel Garcia, Director of Business Development - ParadoxeCorp, USA
"If you are looking for different results, stop doing the same things. Just Action is great because it contributes to change through action."
- Patricio Rojas, Director of Business Development - Depósito Central de Valores, Chile
It is very important to discover our infinite potential for our personal and professional growth. I have used it and it works! Thank you Just Action.
- Michela Mezzavilla - Architect, Spain
I have worked with Just Action and I think it is a fantastic tool and an excellent resource for my personal development.
- Pablo Sagarna - Systems Analyst, Argentina
I am forever in awe and inspired by the creators of Just Action; their positivity and support encourages me to take my life and way of thinking to a higher level. I am eternally grateful!
- Heidi Rodney - Entertainment Professional, USA
Thanks for helping me to get more insights into my character. You are doing a valuable work. This is huge! God bless...
- Krystyna Bukowiecki - Architectural Designer, USA
My experience with Just Action has helped me change my personal paradigm and approach life in a more efficient way.
- Ernesto Herrero - Management Consultant, Spain

Reviews and Support from our Readers:

“It is exceptional! It is extraordinarily well written and thought out!”
Dr. Tom V. Morris - Morris Institute
“Really good stuff. I enjoyed the connections between play and attention.”
Dr. Todd Kashdan - Author of Curious
“Interesting concept - Evolution through play.”
Jonathan Fields - Author of Career Renegade
“Loved your manifesto. I am part of a true purpose community that shares your vision of a transformed world.”
Tom Rausch - Partner at Leadership Beyond Limits
“Javier, your mission is so BIG and your manifesto so powerful that I want to shout it from the rooftops. I’m blessed to have your presence on my blog and in life. You are a superb coach and fine example of taking massive action. Thank you.”
Amy Bryant - Founder of iPlayBIG

About the Author:

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Javier Muñoz is the creator of Just Action, a Social Game for personal development that is the result of more than 12 years of research and practical application with a diverse client base of entrepreneurs, executives, and performing artists.

Javier's philosophy is to motivate action through PLAY as a foundation for discovery, insight, and breakthrough. His systems engage participants in immediate experimentation enabling them to experience different dimensions of an activity, exploring beyond what seems possible. He combines clear action based coaching methodologies for personal development with social media and other Web technologies to empower purposeful growth and quick results at a personal and corporate level.

Since 1994, Javier Muñoz has created two technology companies in the United States and he participates as a board member in two other companies. He has also collaborated in several turn around and acquisition processes. Javier Muñoz is currently leading Just Action and he is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and executives discover and realize their potential.

Javier Muñoz has been a speaker in conferences related to innovation, social media, coaching for personal and corporate development, knowledge management, and Internet.

Previously, founder and CEO, ImageNet Inc. 1994-2000; CEO, CashX, Inc. December 2001-March 2004; Founder and board member, Interquantum S.L. 2000 – present.

Javier Muñoz is especially interested in sustainable development, renewable energies, and climate change. He is a member of the Climate Change Project as an official presenter of the Inconvenient Truth presentation developed by Al Gore. In the last 12 years, Javier Muñoz has trained and advised countless entrepreneurs and executives for companies in startup, expansion, or crisis phases.

Javier Muñoz holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida, 1992; Masters of Industrial Engineering, University of Florida, 1994.


“I have the opportunity to work with many top entrepreneurs, CEOs and executive coaches. While many of them are exceptional, it is rare to find someone with as much insight as Javier. He has a talent for understanding issues immediately & getting right to the salient point. He listens and then provides invaluable feedback. I'd recommend Javier without hesitation to any of my contacts and friends.”
Christian Suojanen - Secretary General at European Federation for Biotechnology
“I've known Javier since 1998. I'm really impressed by Javier's entrepreneurial drive, his professionalism and attitude towards improvement. I recommend Javier highly, and especially for his ability to train and guide other people's work.”
Gonzalo Arzuaga - Co-Founder & CEO at Startups.com
“Javier is one of the smartest people I know. He understands projects and ideas quickly. His open vision allows him to integrate different concepts enriching any business. He cares about people, dreams, and businesses. His knowledge and focus helped us reach not just our commercial goals, but personal ambitions and dreams I would recommend Javier to anyone looking for a first class coach/advisor!”
Niky Pauli - CEO at Media Racing, Inc.
“Javier is an extraordinary person and professional. I have seen many examples of his talent and I have been impressed by his diligence and work ethics.”
Patricio Rojas - CEO at Handel USA
“Javier is a true entrepreneur with a tremendous track record of creating enterprises on his own, with his creativity and incredible innovative mind; he can foresee where the opportunities in the future are. He can provide the solution you are looking for with no doubt about results and quick turn around to make your business better starting day one. I highly recommend him.”
Pedro Manrique - Senior Commercial Coordinator at ChevronTexaco
“He was phenomenally responsive to changes in our business model over the three years we worked together. I am highly satisfied with the quality of his advise. He was a great asset to our company for the quality of his professional, service-oriented manner.”
Pedro Manrique - Senior Commercial Coordinator at ChevronTexaco

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